rose gold hair
Image: Swag Guide

How to get rose gold hair & keep killing it

Not quite red and not quite blonde, rose gold hair is a gorgeous shade for getting the best of both worlds: the shimmery light of blonde with the warm hues of red. It comes in several shades, surprisingly, from more gold shades with very light hints of red to more warm shades that are verging on light auburn, but still carry a gold cast. Some shades even veer into the pink category. If you’d like to get this luminous style, below is your guide to rose gold hair.

Pick your style & shade

As mentioned above, you have several options for rose gold hair. Below is a more complete list of some style options that are out there.

  • Gold with hints of rose: A shade that looks like strawberry blonde on first glance, but has a very gold offset with hints of red throughout.
  • Cool rose gold: An ashy pinkish red with tones of blonde throughout.
  • Pale rose gold: A very pale red that looks pink in places, with highlights of platinum white added.
  • Warm rose gold: A very bright red with hints of gold. This color looks like a light, brilliant auburn at first, until you see the subtle gold tones throughout.
  • Deep rose gold: A deep red that verges on pink with very light wisps of gold.
  • Pink rose gold: A blondish strawberry auburn with highlights of bright pink added. Good for a unique, punk look.
  • Ombre rose gold: A look that is more reddish pink at the top, and leads into reddish blonde at the bottom.

These are some of the top trending shades on Pinterest. Feel free to experiment and find just what rose gold hair means to you.

How to dye rose gold hair

Luckily, this trend can be as easy as you want it to be, or as complicated. You could bleach your hair, and then mix hair dyes together like an obsessive chemist by adding highlights or going ombre. A very specific and uncommon color choice may require a trip to a salon, however.

Or you could simply find a box dye that gives you a rose gold hue if you’re not too picky. The names of the dyes won’t necessarily read “rose gold,” however. Some examples of rose gold shades are Pravana Light Golden Violet Blonde (that oddly looks on the more reddish pink side on the hair swatch), Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Crème in Caramel Chocolate (has a reddish gold tint on the box) or any shade in the hair dye isle that matches the rose gold look in some fashion.

Another option is to bleach your hair into a light blonde (if it’s not already), and then apply a very light pink dye over the blonde for a short time so the blonde shows through the warm hues. As always, do a strand test first. For an enhanced effect, leave wisps of blonde hair untouched. An option is also oVertone’s Go Deep Pastel Red Weekly Treatment that nourishes and deposits a rosy pink/red shade.

How to maintain rose gold hair

Rose gold hair is a very specific shade that can be sort of tricky to prevent from fading out. Use a good color protecting shampoo and conditioner, and do not wash your hair in steaming hot water.

If you have a rose gold shade that is on the more pink side, you could mix temporary dye in with your conditioner to enhance the pink tones. Or use a pink depositing shampoo and conditioner, like Bleach London’s Rose Shampoo and Rose Conditioner or oVertone’s Pastel Red Daily Conditioner. Shades that are on the more gold to light red side may need more regular reapplications (possibly monthly).