Beautiful bronze eye makeup closeup
Image: Sergey Tay/Shutterstock

Nude makeup is both one of the hottest and classiest makeup trends out there. It combines a groomed, sophisticated look with your own style and natural beauty. Yet it’s still enough to accent and enhance your personal look. Nude eye makeup in particular can help boost the eye area without taking away from the natural shape and color of your eyes. So below are the top ways to get the best nude eye.

Pick your shades

The obvious starting point is to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. The glory of nude eye makeup is the sheer variety of shades. Because they tend to be more muted, these shades go better with a wider variety of skin tones, as well. The secret may be to experiment with different shades and see what just feels right.

If you want a more specific starting point, however, fair skin types should try cream and champagne tones, medium skin types should start with a subtle rose gold shade and people with dark skin tones should try bronzes and coffee shades. People with olive skin tones should opt for a golden brown shade.

Master multiple layers and blending 

To get a nude makeup style that accents your eye well and looks the most natural, you’ll want to apply it in layers with expert blending. You’ll want a quality blender brush for eye makeup here.

Start by applying a medium to darker shade just above the crease of the eyelids. Blend the edges of the crease areas outward slightly. Now apply a light highlighter shade to the area just below the brows, on the eyelids and in the inner corners of the eye.

Keep an eye on the brows

Because you’re going for a natural style, you’ll want to be sure your look is put together. Groom your brows with a brow brush. Then fill them in a bit with a brow pencil, if needed. An easy hack for the most unruly of brows is to swipe some clear mascara over the brows to keep them in place.

Mascara is your friend 

Since you’re going for a very natural look, you may be wondering just where that leaves mascara in all of this. Mascara will help boost your eye area and add some weighted balance to lighter nude eyes especially. The trick is to apply a light amount of mascara in a shade that’s natural for you. For instance, if you have lighter lashes, opt for a brown mascara instead of black.

There is such thing as a nude smoky eye

Think because you’re going for a natural look the smoky eye is out of reach? You can wear nude eye shadow shades and still get a stunning smoky eye. You’ll need to apply a lighter shade as a base on the eyelid. Then apply a medium to dark brown into the crease of the eye, and then add a smoky brown shade to the outer corner of the eye, and sweep it towards the crease. Blend all the shades together with a blender brush.