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There’s nothing quite like a wet shimmery lip from a quality lip gloss. But if done wrong, the look can appear runny, hair can get caught in the gloss, it can look like a weirdly colored mess or it can wear off in a flash. So how do you get the perfect wet shimmery lip that has staying power and doesn’t look or feel gross? Read on for some of the techniques for getting the best wet shimmery lip of your life.

Invest In A Good Non-Sticky Lip Gloss

Your first line of defense in fighting the sticky, wet, shimmery lip is to find a lip gloss that isn’t sticky. If you’re used to picking up whatever cheap brand you see by the checkout aisle of the drugstore, this might be your problem. Glosses like that are what keep lip gloss in the 11-year-old-who-just-discovered-makeup stereotype. They’re the stuff people couldn’t stop slathering on in the seventh grade. It’s time to graduate from that.

There are quite a few quality lip glosses out there that won’t give you that sticky, oozing look. A few include:

Try A Nude Lip Gloss

A hallmark of lip gloss done right is that it creates a shimmery translucence, almost like it’s from within the lip. It doesn’t call attention to itself, but complements an overall look. The easiest way to get this look is to choose a nude shade of lip gloss. Look for soft shades of peach, natural light pinks or clear lip glosses.

Go For A Fun Eye Shadow Hack

On the other hand, sometimes you want a high shimmer, and some color to your lips. You could find that in one of the higher-quality lip gloss brands mentioned above. But a fun way to customize your look is to combine a shimmery eye shadow with some clear lip gloss.

Mixing it up is easy. Just crush some eye shadow and add it, pinch-by-pinch to the lip gloss, until you have the shade intensity and texture you want. (Note: This also works with some clear lip balm.)

Combine Lip Gloss And Lipstick

If you want tons of color and shimmer, who says you can’t have it all? Simply put lip gloss on top of lipstick. After you’ve dabbed away the excess lipstick, you’re ready to add some lip gloss on top of that. Still, you’ll want to use a different application method than the included lip gloss wand, like a loose sponge brush or your finger, to avoid color cross-contamination. You’ll want to lightly dab on the gloss with whatever method you choose to keep the lipstick as perfect as possible.

You have a few options on what type of lip gloss you use. You can use a lip gloss in a similar color as the lipstick to add to or even-out your base color, along with that extra shimmer and moisture. Or you can apply clear gloss with a bit of a sparkle to it for added shimmer.