We know that regular nail polish maintenance can be a pain. No chip or gel nail polish can be convenient for someone who’s constantly on the go; especially if you have no time to change your nail design often or to fix chips and imperfections. And with this new no chip option, you don’t have to do anything maintenance wise. Just enjoy your perfect manicure for as long as a month. But, how to remove no chip nail polish? What if it is time to remove your polish and you have no time to go to the salon? Or the money is simply too tight at the moment to spend some extra cash for removing your nail polish?

Lucky for you, it is quite easy to learn how to remove no chip polish at home using instruments and products you already have! Our easy-to-follow steps are provided below.

How to Remove No Chip Nail Polish

Step 1

Sand off the top, shiny level of your nail polish with a nail file. Be gentle to avoid damaging your nail.

Step 2

Prepare 10 pieces of aluminum foil (big enough to wrap around each nail) and 10 small pieces of cotton (big enough to cover each nail).

Step 3

Soak the cotton pieces in acetone or nail polish remover and put them on your nail. Secure each cotton piece with aluminum foil wrapped around your nail and finger. It should be quite tight and the cotton piece should cover your entire nail.

How to Remove no chip Nail Polish

Step 4

After 15 minutes, remove all of the aluminum foil and cotton pieces from your nails. Depending on the brand, the wait time can be longer or shorter.

Step 5

Use a nail file, scraper, or an orange wood stick to scrape off your nail polish from each nail. If you have waited long enough, you will likely have no problems removing all the no chip polish. If some areas are still quite stubborn, you can either soak it a little more in acetone or gently file it off with a nail file, whichever you prefer most.

Step 6

After you have removed all of the no chip polish, wash your hands with soap to get rid of any leftover residue on your nails. You will notice that the nail is not smooth and there are still some spots of the base coat left. Remove the rough parts with a nail buffer until your nails are completely smooth.

Step 7

It is extremely important to moisturize each finger after removing the no chip polish. Apply cuticle oil to each finger and gently massage it. Now, you are all done!

As you can see, removing a gel or no chip nail polish is very easy and requires little time. Follow the above steps on how to remove no chip nail polish. When you are finished, think of a fun design you want to make your nails beautiful for the next time!

Women's hands in a circle with close up of painted nails

 What are your tips for how to remove no chip nail polish? Let us know in the comments!

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