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Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

There’s nothing worse than applying foundation on flaky, dry skin, or lipstick on cracked lips. We want you to feel confident about your makeup this winter, which is why we’re sharing the best hacks for applying makeup on winter skin. Follow these makeup tips for dry skin and you’ll be on your way to a flawless holiday look.

Let’s talk skincare. One of the best makeup tips you’ll ever receive is to prime, prime, prime! Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, leaving you with a smooth, even surface to apply foundation properly. Apply a moisturizing primer before each time you wear makeup. For best results, use your fingers to apply it in circular motions over your entire face. Now you can go through your makeup routine as you usually would.

The other tip that will make it much easier to apply makeup in the winter is to prep your face daily by using a strong moisturizer and eye cream. Every morning when you wake up use a moisturizer on a clean face and use it again after washing your face at night. Apply an anti-aging eye cream all around your eyes before bed as well. Don’t rub these in completely, but instead let them soak into your skin while you’re asleep. You’ll wake up with fresh, soft and supple skin ready for makeup!

If you have any pesky dry spots that you can’t seem to get rid of, apply a small bit of tea tree oil over the area before using foundation. It is best to wear liquid foundation and skip the powder altogether when it comes to dry skin. Brushing on powder only makes the dry skin flake up more. A liquid foundation will smooth everything out and provide more moisture.

Prep your lips by applying lip balm regularly, and never pick at dry, cracked lips. Apply lip balm right before lipstick. Use concealer before your lipstick to act as a primer, separating the product from your dry lips. This will make the lipstick appear more matte and even. Skip the lip gloss in the winter. Lip gloss is sticky and will only emphasize the cracked parts of your lips.