pumpkin spice hair

Looking for a new hair color that works in summer and all the way into fall? Then you might want to give pumpkin spice hair a try. It’s a gorgeous shade of red with copper overtones, mimicking those orange pumpkin hues that the look is named for. But it’s not a wild orange, more of an understated and classy reddish copper. It’s a bright enough shade for summer, but has the warm reddish hues that go good in fall.

If you want to go DIY, copper hair can be a bit tricky. It’s a shade that’s highly influenced by the shades that are underneath it. What that means is that when you pick up a box dye featuring someone with amazing coppery ginger hair, and you have very dark hair, you’ll probably end up with a weird brassy brown that does not look like the lady on the box.

So if you have a very dark shade of hair already, you may need to bleach it first for those copper tones to show properly. And if you haven’t bleached your own hair, or are uncomfortable with the idea (doing it wrong can actually melt hair), it’s best to go to a salon, especially with a shade that is as multi-tonal as this one can be.

If you already have naturally light hair, or aren’t afraid of bleaching your hair (hint: get a bleach kit to make it easier), it’s not an impossible look to achieve at home. You’ll just want to find a box dye that has plenty of coppery hues. The trick is to go for a shade that verges on a natural brown-copper, rather than a bright orange statement shade.

Some easy-to-find shades include Garnier Nutrisse in Light Natural Copper, Garnier Nutrisse in Medium Natural Copper and Schwarzkopf in 6.44 Desert Copper. If you want to go on the redder side of things, L’Oreal Superior Preference in Intense Red Copper looks more coppery auburn than flat-out orange.

There are actually tons of ways to wear this pumpkin spice hair look. It’s something to keep in mind while heading to a salon or looking for a home dye. Below are some of the most popular pumpkin spice hair looks.


Honey pumpkin spice hair

This look has a copper base with warm golden highlights.

Deep copper

This shade is more of a traditional copper orange color.

Muted copper

This look is a brown shade with copper undertones throughout.

Pumpkin spice hair color melt

This look starts brown, and then gradually moves into a bright coppery red the farther down the hair strands you go.