Some people may have dark lips or pigmentation spots on their lips. Many are turning to a procedure known as lip blushing to add a lighter color and extra dimension to their lips. After this procedure, you may not even need to put on lipstick! Keep on reading to learn more about lip blushing for dark lips.

What Exactly is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is tattooing the lips with a pigment of your choice to make them appear fuller, more defined, and as if you have lipstick on naturally. This treatment can last from three to five years, giving you smudge-proof makeup. In addition, it can add more dimension to the lips and make them look plumper.

Before, after, and healed picture of lip blushing results
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The semi-permanent tattooing over the lips neutralizes the darkness of the lips while adding pigments such as pink or coral. You may choose to get your lips contoured or enhance the cupid’s bow with the help of this procedure too.

Before deciding to get lip blushing done for your dark lips, consider things such as your favored color, pain tolerance, and budget. The process uses tiny needles to add color to the lips; therefore, it is slightly painful. Always pick a certified lip blush artist.

How Does Lip Blushing Work on Dark Lips?

Depending upon the current pigment, lip blushing is usually done in two to four sessions. If you have naturally darker lips, you’ll need more sessions to cover your natural pigment and get the desired results.

Dark ombre lips on top image and pink lips on bottom after lip blushing procedure
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Once it heals, the first tattooing session will need to be retouched after four to six weeks. In the first sitting, the professional will add pigments to neutralize the cool tones and remove darkness. The follow-up session will intensify the desired pigment.

How Long Does It Last?

Lip blushing may last up to five years and will fade gradually over time. For dark lips, the tattooing may last anywhere from one to two years. You’ll have to get touch-ups to refresh the color periodically, but any major dark spots can be covered with regular touch-ups.

How to Care for Your Lips After the Treatment

As lip blushing uses a technique similar to tattooing, the healing process is also very similar. Your lips will swell up, and you may feel sore. This is the normal healing process and is nothing to worry about. Using a cold compress may help with the pain and reduce the swelling.

It is ideal for letting the skin over your lips heal naturally. So don’t apply any special lotions over the area. You may use a lip balm or petroleum jelly to soothe the lips.

Before and after image transformation of lip blushing on dark lips
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Note that your lips may not appear bright during this period. The results of lip blushing do not appear instantly. After three to four weeks, your lips will heal and start to appear fuller and brighter.

Overall, lip blushing will save you time and help to enhance your natural lips. You won’t need to hide your lips under the layers of lipstick every day. Just throw on a gloss and look your best. We hope this information will help you achieve the desired results.

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