matte and glossy nail polish

There’s nothing quite like a matte nail for some refined sophistication. But a really neat twist on the look is to combine a matte base with shimmery elements for some stunning contrast. These looks range from accented glossy tips to creative flower patterns.

This trend is a pretty easy and versatile process. You simply apply a matte top coat on your normal nail polish, meaning you don’t need a ton of new polishes to achieve this look. An example of such a product is Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

Since you’re going for one cohesive look, it’s just a matter of waiting for a glossy base nail polish dry, and then carefully applying the top coat. Pro tip: cover the glossy parts with clear tape while applying the top coat to keep the finishes separate. Below are several styles to get you inspired.


Dark blue nails with black tips

This look has a dark colored base and glossy dark tips. You can apply glossy black tips and dark blue or red as a base for a stunning result!

Leopard Print

Green cheetah print and solid green nails

Switch things up by incorporating a cute, leopard print design into a monochromatic look. Add gloss to the two solid nails for extra dimension.


Purple and black striped nails

This look requires a brightly colored matte base. Then, you apply a glossy polish in a stripe pattern.

Monochrome Tips

Monochrome matte blush nails with glossy tips

Another idea is to simply leave the tips alone when applying the matte topcoat for a simple, monochrome design.


Black nails with raised black dots

For a sleek texture, apply a matte top coat over a dark base. Then apply the same glossy polish you used as the base coat in a dot pattern.


Combination of nude, matte nails with flowers and glossy pink nails

This chic style has a matte base on the middle two nails with a flower pattern and a glossy, solid base on the others. It’s a fun look to try, especially if you have some artistic flair!


Another trend is to apply the top coat in a slanted pattern so that half the nail is glossy and half the nail is matte.


Black nails with glossy black stars

For elegance with a bit of flair, apply glossy stars on top of black matte nails. This will create an everyday look you can wear out on the town or into the office.

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