minimize a big forehead
Image: lazyllama

If you have dark circles under the eyes or a problematic T-zone, there are plenty of words of wisdom about how to correct the issue. But some common beauty problems are still largely ignored by popular beauty magazines. If you’re looking for good advice about a big forehead – what to do to minimize it – it’s hard to find. One reason might be that minimizing a big forehead doesn’t require a specific product or brand. But there are still plenty of ways to minimize a big forehead, which you’ll learn here. First, here’s a little background about having a big forehead and how it’s perceived.

Possible Meanings Behind Having a Big Forehead

There is a myth that having a big forehead indicates a big brain and superior intelligence. While science has yet to comment on this, there is some meaning attributed to having a big forehead.

The Chinese believe that the forehead is yang, and represents one of the wealth centers of the body. According to this principle, a strong, big forehead might mean that person will acquire wealth early in life. Unfortunately, there’s no further insight from the Chinese philosophy angle, so no clue as to whether that person will be able to hold onto wealth throughout their life. There is, however, plenty of evidence that a big forehead isn’t a hindrance in life.

Famous People With Big Foreheads

If you have a big forehead, you’re not alone. Famous people with a big forehead include:

  • Kelsey Grammer, from “Frasier”
  • Tyra Banks, supermodel and TV talk show hostess,
  • Katie Couric, journalist
  • Thora Birch, actress
  • Christina Ricci, actress
  • Peyton Manning, NFL quarterback
  • Rihanna, songstress
  • James Van Der Beek, actor
  • …and the list of famous people with big foreheads goes on and on.

The point is, having a big forehead isn’t an affliction. It just…is. It shouldn’t make you feel less attractive than others. Most importantly, don’t let what you perceive as a big forehead stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do in life; whether it’s becoming an actress or a quarterback, a TV personality, a cheerleader or anything else. Now, having said that, you may feel self-conscious about your forehead. If that’s the case, here are some excellent tips on what to do to minimize a big forehead.

How to Style Hair to Minimize a Big Forehead

If you’re at the point where you feel like you want to conceal a big forehead, that’s okay. You can style your hair so your forehead is obscured from view.

Bangs and Fringe

The easiest way to conceal a big forehead is to cover it with bangs, or what some people might call “fringe.” Bangs are shorter lengths of hair that fall over the forehead. To minimize a big forehead, you don’t necessarily need to have your bangs come all the way down to your eyelashes like Goldie Hawn. You can give the illusion of a smaller forehead with any length of bangs, even going super short a la Audrey Hepburn. You could also try a thick, curled, mid-length set of bangs like Pauley Perrette from “NCIS.” You can experiment with different lengths before cutting in bangs by using a faux hairpiece, or even playing around with longer lengths of your own hair and temporarily shaping them into bangs.

When it’s time to make bangs permanent, have a good hairstylist cut your bangs instead of trying to do it yourself. If you cut them even a little bit crooked, you’ll draw attention to your forehead, which is the opposite of what you want. A talented hair stylist might also be able to add thickness to your bangs by cutting in hair from further back on your head. Talk to your stylist about your goals to ensure you’re both on the same page about what you’re trying to achieve. To keep bangs in place throughout the day—which is what to do to minimize a big forehead—use styling gel or spritz bangs lightly with hair spray.

Side Part

A side part can give the illusion of a smaller forehead by covering up a diagonal section of the forehead. Be aware, though, that a side part is different than an off-center part. Side parts typically are lined up with the outermost half of the eye. For minimizing a big forehead, you would then sweep the hair up, away from the forehead, and then style it down in a sweeping wave across the two-thirds of the forehead over the other eye. Side parts work best when you have longer hair and no bangs.

High Crown

One of the reasons that a big forehead can look so prominent is its ratio in proportion to the chin and jaw. To balance out the ratio, you can raise the crown of your head with hairstyling. If you want to know what to do to minimize a big forehead, this is one of the easiest methods that doesn’t necessitate cutting long hair in back. Here are four different methods to style a high crown.

    1. Gather a section of your hair at the back and twist into a high bun. Secure into place with bobby pins.
    2. Pull the upper half of the sides of your hair back. Push the section up so the crown is poufy, then secure the hair with a barrette.
    3. Make a high ponytail with all your hair and secure it at the crown of your head. Pull the ponytail forward and down so it resembles a waterfall of hair cascading down over the rest of your head.
    4. Make a top notch braid. Pull all your hair up to the top of your head and secure with a covered elastic band. Braid the hair and twist it into a top notch on the top of the head.

High crown styles work best in unison with bangs or a sweeping side part.

The easiest way to experiment with these hairstyles to minimize a big forehead is to visit a hair salon. When you book the appointment, let the receptionist know that this is a consultation visit to discuss different looks with your stylist. That way, they’ll allow for extra time for your appointment and you won’t feel rushed or even pressured to make a decision that same day.

Your big forehead may be a part of your identity, but it doesn’t have to define you. Now that you know what to do to minimize a big forehead, you can feel confident that you’ll be noticed for all the other ways that make you special.