Geodes are one of nature’s secret wonders: a rock that looks completely average and plain on the outside, only to be broken open to reveal stunning crystal on the inside. Let your own stunning, artistic self shine with geode nails, one of the hottest trends in nail art. It’s just a matter of applying that crystal design to nails. And there are several ways to do it.

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Geode glitter

One amazing look is to do most of the pattern in shimmering glitter polishes. You’d complete the look as you would the method above that uses nail polish, in that same swirling pattern. One popular idea is to have the outer tips be a gold glitter, followed by a layer of teal confetti polish, then a layer of light green basic polish, then some purple confetti polish and some blue glitter polish in the middle. Stunning.

Crystal accent nail

One of the most stunning ways to apply this look is to go for an accent nail that looks like it was taken from the middle of the geode. That means applying a rock pattern right to the nail. This is one of the most extensive methods, but worth the effect if you can afford it or have the time. Basically you apply amethyst and crystal nail decals with some nail glue over a fake nail in a way that makes the nail look like a geode itself, sort of like natural bling.