Plum Hair ideas
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Looking for a deeper, darker hair color? Maybe this is finally your season to experiment with plum hair. This shade has several advantages. It’s easy to layer over dark hair, just about every dye brand has a plum/dark red/wine shade, and it can be worn in different shades varying from subtle to wild.

The hardest part of this look is choosing which shade you’d like to wear. Here are some stunning ideas for plum hair.

Deep Burgundy Plum Hair

Deep burgundy red plum hair
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This is a plum tone that verges on a cool, dark auburn. It is a red base with violet and wine tones to it.

Violet Plum Ombre

Dark brown hair with bright purple ends
Image: Pinterest

This violet plum ombre features dark brown hair at the base and a bright, vibrant purple at the ends. The combination creates such a fun, stylish color!

Dark, Almost Black Plum Hair

Dark, almost black plum hair
Image: Pinterest

Pretty self-explanatory. True to the fruit, this plum shade is so dark it looks black under low lighting. However, when the light hits just right, it’s the most perfect shade of purple.

Vibrant Plum Hair

Vibrant purple and burgundy hair
Image: Pinterest

If you want this look to verge on a statement trend, go with dark purple plum shades.

Dark Brown Plum Hair

Dark brown base with subtle burgundy highlights
Image: Pinterest

Here violet tones are worked into dark brown hair, typically as subtle highlighting. It’s the subtlest of the plum looks.

Highlights of Dark Red

Dark base color with highlights of deep auburn red
Image: Pinterest

This look has a dark base and has highlights of the deepest auburn throughout.

Dark Burgundy Ombre

Dark burgundy ombre
Image: Pinterest

Another look is to go a deep plum purple at just the lengths. It looks especially stunning with natural dark hair.

If you’d like to try this look, you have several options for getting it. You could go to a salon, of course, or try drugstore dyes like:

Your options are just about endless here. This shade gets called everything from red to burgundy to violet to purple, so you’ll just have to eyeball the swatches for a plum shade.

If you do go the permanent dye route, this is technically a red shade, and will fade out as quickly as it gets the chance. As always with keeping hair color fresh, use a good, color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, don’t wash hair in hot water, keep hair protected from the sun, and avoid letting chlorine from swimming pools come into direct contact with your hair.

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