plus sized clothes app
Image: Georgejmclittle

What could be more exciting than an irregular visit to a shopping mall to purchase some plus size clothes alongside other fashion accessories such as a pair of shoes, jeans, or a dress? As exciting as it may sound, not everybody who follows the online shopping trend would know how to purchase them. There are numerous plus size clothes apps and online communities that have been established to assist you in purchasing plus size clothing as well as an all-inclusive shopping experience. Here is a comprehensive view of the plus size clothes apps.

Social Wardrobe: Everdrobe

Everdrobe is a distinctive social community that focuses specifically on style in plus sized clothes. This app was created with the objective of providing help to people on what to wear. With Everdrobe Social Wardrobe, you can acquire plus size clothes, take photographs of them and send them to the community to request for advice. There are lots of ideas that could possibly help you in achieving that flawless look. You can additionally make use of the app in purchasing and selling plus-size clothes to fellow customers. (App Store / Play Store)


Since social shopping has become the major trend for getting the most sweltering updates in fashion, Pose decided to exploit this drifts and created a large community of fashion related minds that bring updates and trends for plus-sized clothes. This app gives access to people from different places to make significant contributions, as well as their opinions about the different outfits made available. Notwithstanding the awesome features offered, Pose created an avenue for classy and stylish peeps to likewise trade their products for another.  (Play Store)


Gilt is a versatile mobile application which offers top elite features discoverable only in the app. Gilt offers up to 70% off its deal for reputable brands. However, these deals are not constant but modified on a daily basis. On the other hand, sales of products begin by 12 PM ET and would be terminated after 36 hours of sales; therefore you have to be in the correct time zone so as to be a partaker of these offers. Different selections of plus-sized clothes can be procured on Gilt. (App Store / Play Store)


Zappos is known for its collections of beautiful, reliable, and fantastic shoes. This is a fact that many customers can attest and confirm to be true. However, Zappos offers other products which many shoppers do not have the slightest idea of. Many would not think of Zappos among a list of plus size clothes apps. The products retailed by Zappos include; plus-size clothes, wrist watches, eye wears, baby accessories as well as jewelry. All products offered by Zappos have exceptionally detailed and well comprehensive descriptions so as to enable you to make a constructive decision whether the clothes are a perfect fit. Another exclusive feature offered by Zappos is its satisfactory and customer friendly exchange and return policy.  Other plus-size clothes apps may enforce unfavorable deal with limited time, but Zappos does not. It gives you the liberty to browse through items with ease. And just like a typical shopping experience, it also has a free shipping policy with no requirement. (App Store / Play Store)


Despite the fact that you may be a well-informed online customer, purchasing a couple items from a store might be necessary. Snapette offers one of the most versatile plus-size clothes apps. Their site functions as an advanced digital resource for customers, empowering customers to discover close-by stores, items, and limited offers. Snapette makes use of a GPS and WIFI system to track and make available different retail stores close to your location as well as the precise location where the product can be purchased. Information that has been updated and posted by retailers can also be accessed. (Play Store)