Rainbow dot nail patterns,

Looking for something easy, yet creative, to do with your nails? Then you might want to look into rainbow dot nail patterns. These playful, colorful looks are super easy to do.

Rainbow dot nail patterns usually require a base coat that has dried, and then adding some light dots in different patterns. It’s just a matter of dipping the nail polish brush and dotting the polish onto the nail. You can also use a more narrow specialty polish brush for smaller dots. Below are some creative style ideas for rainbow dot nail patterns to get you inspired.

Dots with black background

One of the easiest ways to make the dots pop is to paint them over a black basecoat. It looks stunning with neon dots added in abstract patterns.

Bubble pattern

This look has the dots running up the side of the nail, like there are bubbles rising. It starts with more dots and tappers to less as you get closer to the base of the nail.

Rainbow dots

This look simply starts with a row of one color of dots and moves up all the colors of the rainbow to create rainbow dot nail patterns. Green moves to yellow and so on, ending again in green on the other side of the nail.

Negative space dots

One idea is to put dots of slightly different shades (like different green shades) on each nail above a negative space look. To give the dots dimension, you can paint a clear gel coat, let it dry and add some dots. Let that dry, and then add another clear gel coat and more dots on the top layer.

Neon centered dots

These rainbow dot nail patterns look just has neon dots leading up the center of the nail. They pop against a black background. Dots of different colors and different amounts of dots add contrast between the nails.

Ombre dots

This look has a white basecoat, and then different shades of dots are added to the tips of the nails, tapering off as you go up to the first third of the nail.

Light Bright nails

This creative look puts iridescent, textured dots over a black basecoat. For the dots, you’ll want to use a polish that has some natural shimmer to it. Use a narrow brush to create smaller dots.

Single negative space dots

A super easy look is to have a single dot on the tips of the nails. These sit against negative space nails and are a unique accent look. Each nail has a different colored dot for contrast.

Dotted heart

This look puts a bright basecoat against a white heart. Inside the heart are multicolored dots. It’s a cute, playful little look.

Skittles candy nails

Rainbow dot nail patterns

If you want to celebrate your sweet tooth, this look has rainbow dots on a cherry red background, like the Skittles wrapper. One nail is even fashioned like the Skittles logo, with the rainbow behind the brand name. It’s a cool idea if you have an artistic touch.