Slicked-back hair

Slicked-back hair is one of the newest, hottest trends on and off fashion runways. It’s typically worn as a voluminous look at the top of the head, with hair going straight back. There’s usually no part showing. It’s a stunning, elegant look perfect for any formal event.

This look uses a paddle brush to slick back the top and front of your hair first. Then apply hairspray to give your hair extra volume. After that, apply mousse to smooth the sides of your hair back above the ears. As with any hairstyle, there is a wide range of creative looks you can do to achieve slicked-back hair. Below are several ideas to help give you inspiration.

Long and Tall

Kendall Jenner wearing the most common slicked-back hair

The most common way to wear this look is to have plenty of volume at the top. It’s usually worn on long, straight hair. Kendall Jenner really rocked this look in an elegant, classy way.

Slicked-Back Lob

Marion Cotillard wearing a long bob hairstyle

Another common way to wear this look is to have volume on top, and sleek, flat hair on the sides that runs horizontal to the top of your ears. This look works with long, straight hair or on a bob.

Slicked-Back Hair with Middle Part

Shay Mitchell sporting Slicked-Back Hair with Middle Part

This is another look that features sleek, straight hair. But it actually includes a middle part, straight hair, and sweeps behind the ears for a stunning style.

Choppy and Slicked Back

Choppy and slicked back

This look goes straight back with no part. The hair is in messy, chunky strands as it is pushed back. It’s a great, casual take on this classic style.

Slicked-Back Hair with Braids

Slicked-back hair with braids

This look has hair slicked straight back with plenty of volume on top. The sides of your hair over the ears contains a small, tight braid on both sides. It’s a neat boho take and would be perfect for a weekend out!

Slicked-Back Wet Look

Woman wearing a hairstyle that looks wet

This is a very flat, slicked-back style, and actually has a wet look to it. You’d get this style with a slicking gel such as Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel.

Slicked-Back Look with Roots

Slicked-back look with roots

Here’s a look that proves this style is great with grown-out roots. Dark roots on blonde hair can give this look something of a statement feel, as pulling the hair straight back puts those darker roots right on display.

Slicked-Back Hair with Waves

Wavy hair with gel on top

This look has hair pulled straight back on the top. Then, the hair leads into long strands with waves. It’s a stunning look that balances both straight and wavy hair for a classic feel.

Slicked-Back Hair with Bun

Woman wearing a tight low bun

This look slicks hair back from a middle part. Then your hair goes into a voluminous bun. The bun is tied tight to keep the elegant, put-together feel that’s perfect for the office!

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