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What is the key to the perfect smokey eye? Contouring your eye shadow and bringing it under your eye will give you a smokey eye that won’t be diluted by any costume, no matter how extravagant. With Halloween quickly approaching it’s time to plan your costume makeup. Dark, sexy eye makeup works with just about any costume, so long as you do it right. Instead of brushing on loads and loads of dark makeup, follow our steps for smokey eye hacks that will make getting ready for Halloween far less stressful.

  1. Always begin your eye makeup after completing your face makeup. Darken your eyebrows and apply concealer to your eyelids to prep them for eyeshadow.
  2. Start by using a dark grey or black lip liner or eyeliner to trace a curved line over the tops of your eyelids (where they crease). Bring the lines out beyond the outer corners of your eyes and trace it back in to shape a cat eye. You will later go over this cat eye line with black eyeliner.
  3. Fill in the center area with a light grey shadow. Be careful not to fully cover up the lines you just created. Go over the tops of the dark lines with a darker eye shadow. Don’t be afraid to reach your brow bones for a more dramatic look.
  4. Trace the cat eye that you originally created with shadow, but this time using eyeliner. Sharpen the wing with a liquid liner or by sticking a liner brush into your mascara.
  5. Draw some of the darker eye shadow out and blend it around your cat eye.
  6. Apply eyeliner to your waterline. Use a small eye brush to apply the darker eye shadow underneath your bottom lashes. Follow with the lighter shadow underneath that line.
  7. Finally, apply volumizing mascara to complete your look!