Woman doing yoga in her living room after receiving a spray tan

If you want to give your skin a golden glow using spray or self-tan, it’s important to care for your tan after the fact! It’s especially important to use caution when it comes to working out. Spray tans and self-tans can become patchy and uneven if you don’t take steps to prevent this. We’ll go over the best ways to maintain your glow, so you can make the most of your tan and keep active at the same time!

Prep your skin before the tan

Before you show up to your spray tan appointment or apply your self-tanner, we recommend gently exfoliating your skin. Our favorite, natural exfoliating scrub is Herbivore’s Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish. You could also make an exfoliating body scrub using fine-grained salt crystals plus an essential oil of your choice! Exfoliating will help the tanning product sink in evenly, giving you the most natural looking tan possible. When scrubbing, we recommend focusing on areas where dead skin tends to build up, like your elbows and knees. You should also avoid applying body lotions or other products to your skin immediately before the tan, as these products can prevent the tan from making its full impact.

Give your tan 24 hours before working out

The best way to avoid streaking after a spray or self-tan is to avoid strenuous activity for about a day. While you can take certain steps to prevent your gym routine from destroying your tan, taking a day-long break is the only surefire way to keep it looking absolutely perfect. Try planning your tan on a day when you’ll be taking a break from the gym anyway. You deserve a break and a day of blissful relaxation!

Rinse your skin before working out

If you’ve recently gotten a spray tan or self-tan, it’s important to rinse your skin thoroughly before you work out. Washing away excess product will ensure that it doesn’t create a streaking effect when you begin to sweat. You may also want to apply a moisturizer to your skin before working out. Although it may feel a little weird, using a body lotion will help to lock in the tan. Hempz Natural Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Cream seals in the tan without feeling greasy or oily afterwards.

Bring the right equipment for your workout

Pack your gym bag with everything you’ll need to care for your tan before, during, and after your workout. We recommend packing a moisturizer to apply before and after you exercise, a dark towel to blot away sweat and prevent streaking, and an antiperspirant if desired. While many of us are switching to natural deodorants like Kopari, this products don’t actually prevent your body from sweating. The first time returning to the gym after your spray or self-tan, use a conventional antiperspirant to reduce the risk of streaking.

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