subtle rainbow highlights hair color

Love those rainbow hues in hair, but not ready to take the plunge into wild fashion colors completely? Then you’ll want to look into subtle rainbow highlights. These looks range from hidden rainbows to super light pastel shades. Subtle rainbow highlights are the perfect blend between wild and reserved. Below are several ways to wear fashion colors without going overboard overnight. Check out these subtle rainbow highlights.

Peacock hair

peacock hair subtle rainbow highlights
Image: Pinterest

One of the more muted rainbow hair trends out there is peacock hair, which combines darker shades of blue, purple, green and pink. Dark wisps of highlights over dark hair can also make this style look more muted.

Oil slick hair

oil slick hair
Image: Pinterest

Close to peacock hair, this look sets out to resemble the rainbow shades of an oil slick, as the name suggests. That means deep greens, dark blues and small shots of magenta, usually. So it runs on the more muted side.

Dark ombre

dark ombre
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Another option is to have subtle, dark fashion color highlights just at the bottom of the hair. It accents without overwhelming since the shades are dark, and they only take up part of the hair.

Hidden pastel

hidden pastel rainbow highlights
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A popular idea is to have fashion color highlights in the lengths under a top layer of hair. This works very well with muted pastels, which are easier to hide than your brighter colors.

Stealthy and subtle rainbow highlights

stealthy rainbow highlights
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You can still go rainbow and muted. Hiding bright rainbow highlights in the lengths under a thicker layer of hair works especially well in dark hair. You’ll just need to pull up a half updo to have radiant rainbow highlights for that special outing.

Peekaboo bottom subtle rainbow highlights

rainbow highlights bun
Image: Pinterest

Another stealthy option is to have the bottom layer of the hair highlighted in fashion colors. That way, you can just pull up a bun to show that bottom layer in the back.

Oil slick under layer

oil slick under layer
Image: Pinterest

This combines the stealthy approach with the more muted oil slick trend. Yet, because you’re hiding the highlights under a top layer of hair, like above, you can go more bold with blazing blues, bright pinks and shimmery greens.

Instagram hair

instagram hair rainbow highlights
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This is a look you can wear on a top layer, since it’s so muted. This look is basically just hints of pastel greens and pinks over blonde hair.

Candy hair

candy hair color
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This is similar to the look above, but the fashion shades over blonde hair are slightly brighter candy shades like baby pink. Think bright, but still a light and subtler pastel look.

Wispy subtle rainbow highlights

wispy subtle rainbow highlights
Image: Pinterest

Another idea is to get bright reds and shimmering blues as wispy highlights, but only put them in one small chunk of the bangs or lengths. It’s a nice fashion color accented look.