short hair color

A great hair color can make a real statement, but what makes an even better statement is when hair color is coordinated with a killer short hair look. Think ravishing highlights that contour the face. Or a classic color that goes well with a stylish bob. Below are some of the best ways to wear short hair with great color.


Pixie with long, bold bangs

An interesting look for short hair is to have a very short pixie cut in the back, with long bangs to the eyes in the front. Then those bangs can be a bold color like cherry red.

Side-swept bangs with platinum highlights

Hair is cut to right below the ear, but side-swept bangs go to the cheekbone. Highlights finish out the look.

Spiked with rainbow highlights

A spikey pixie cut with rainbow highlights like deep blue is a great fashion color look.

Shoulder-length color melt

If you don’t want to go too short, you can always go shoulder length. A color melt into a fashion color like purple would be a nice statement. Brown to blonde would also look good, if you don’t want to go too bold.

Curly, short, silver

Hair cut right above the chin and curled looks great as part of the granny hair trend.

Platinum pixie

Just when you think we’ve forgotten about blonde pixie cuts, someone like Kaley Cuoco brings it back. The only question is, who will wear it next?

Ombre short hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have to give up on ombre. A bold color can go several inches down past the roots or sit on a section of the top layer of the hair for a faux ombre look.

Lowlight contour

This is a good subtle style. The hair is layered to frame the face, is straight and subtle lowlights accent natural hair shades.