short hair color

Looking for a new hair color this winter? If you have short hair, or are planning on going short, you may feel like your options are limited. Maybe it feels like ombre went out the window or highlights will be more limited, for instance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you have a lob or a pixie, below are several fun ways to add some bright style in the dreary days of winter.

Smoky gray

smoky gray
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One statement trend out there that looks great with short hair is #grannyhair. Despite its aged inspiration, granny hair looks especially modern on an angled haircut that is shorter in the back than the front.

Highlighted waves

highlighted waves
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If you have a lob, you can still rock the subtle waves to a great effect. They look stunning when mixed with light highlights on a dark base.


Warm honey color melt

warm honey color melt
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Another idea is a warm ombre, if you have lob lengths. This look starts with a dark brown, moves into a warm medium chestnut and ends in honey tips. It’s a good way to get some warmth into the cold days of winter.

Bright wine red with roots

bright wine red with roots
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A fun look is to dye hair a deep, dark wine red. Leave a couple inches of dark roots to give this look some dimension.

Blonde asymmetrical pixie

blonde asymmetrical pixie
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A huge hit in hair styles right now is the asymmetrical pixie cut, which leaves longer lengths sweeping over the top of the head and the forehead, while one side of the hair is a short traditional pixie cut. This looks stunning with some platinum blonde color in the lengths, while the shorter part is left a natural dark shade.


Fashion color ombre

fashion color ombre
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An easy way to add style to a lob is to add bold fashion color tips, like pink or blue.

Subtle balayage

subtle balayage
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A classic hair color for a lob is to have a subtle balayage. The dye is painted in, starting with highlights and going a deeper color farther down on the hair length. With this subtle look, the shade of the dye is usually just one or two shades lighter than the natural hair color for a stunning painted, natural effect.