Have a holiday party coming up? Well, whether you’re wanting to go all out and potentially embarrass yourself with the amount of holiday spirit that will be dangling off your body, or you’re wanting to play it cool but also give off a spirited vibe, we’ve got you. Christmas makeup can be classy and pretty, or it can be this. We’re encouraging this.

Every Christmas makeup look you’ve ever wanted to see is right here. Yeah, you’re welcome.

“Light” cut crease

Everyone loves a cut crease, but why not add Christmas lights? Not only will this enhance your eye shape, it will scream “I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS” to everyone you look at. Perfect.

Snowflake accent

Red can be an intimidating color to put all over your eyes, but not for a holiday party. Just make sure you control the color well enough so it doesn’t look like someone just punched you in the face. Use a white liquid eyeliner to create the snowflake to let people know you can’t wait until it finally snows.

Be an actual snowflake

Why just add a snowflake accent when you can literally become a snowflake? This icy beautiful look would go perfectly with an all-white outfit. Let it snow.

Channel your inner candy cane

Not only is this look as sweet as candy, it incorporates glitter everywhere. Even in your eyebrows. What more could you ask for during the holidays?

Spin the dreidel

If you celebrate Hanukkah, is there any look that’s more perfect than this one? Make it as extravagant as you want, you really can’t go wrong here.

Put Christmas trees on your eyes, because why not

Love decorating the tree every year? Now you get to decorate your face, too. You can use sequins like in the video above, or you can use glitter or any other form of holiday makeup you want.

Santa is coming to town

Why not wear a santa hat, and paint one on your face? Isn’t the detail here amazing? Use whatever you have, whether it’s face paint or eyeshadow. Santa will be proud.

Incorporate more green

This iridescent green screams your love for the holiday season. This look would pair perfectly with an ugly Christmas sweater, and it’ll wow everyone you’re with. Why not go for the neon?

Candy cane winged liner

Think you’re a pro at winged liner? Try adding a candy cane design to it and see how good you are. This mixture of red and green is absolutely perfect for any party you’re attending this year, especially if you love candy canes. Bonus: your eyelashes double as snow.


This look is cute and festive, and easier to achieve than you think. Basically, the key is to heavily contour your face with darker than normal colors, add white dots and a red nose, and call yourself Rudolph. Don’t forget the antlers.

Become the Grinch you are on the inside

If you’re on of those people who either hates Christmas (if you even exist), or simply want to go all out, the Grinch is for you. Yes, you will be that person at the party, but hey someone has to do it.

Candy cane lips

Okay, maybe you’re not so fond of all these complicated eye looks. Focusing on your lips can be just as festive and fun. Wear all black and make your lips pop!

More snowflakes and glitter

This last look is another that’s perfect to pair with an ugly sweater. It shows the effort and passion you put into the holidays, and everyone will be amazed at your artistic abilities.


If you’re having trouble finding some ugly Christmas sweaters for your upcoming holiday party, here are a few we’ve found to help you out. You’re welcome.

3D Christmas sweaters

Image: uglychristmassweater.com
Image: uglychristmassweater.com

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Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

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Image: Amazon

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