Virgo man zodiac sign

It might be challenging for a woman to attract a Virgo man due to their complex nature. Now, the question is what does it take and why can these men be so complicated? Let’s take a deep dive into their personality traits and hidden secrets to find out.

Personality Traits of a Virgo Man

A Virgo man is a bit of a perfectionist so he needs a partner who respects and mimics that same trait. He is very strict to punctuality so ensure you arrive for dates on time and try not to make him late for dinners, gatherings, etc. He’s the type of man who wants to go to a movie early just so he can see the previews and guarantee that he won’t miss a minute of the movie.

Honesty is crucial to a Virgo man, so it’s important to be up front and direct with him even when things get difficult. He has the innate ability to detect lies quickly and likely has very little tolerance for deception.

Even though he might not want to show it at times, the Virgo man is pretty sensitive. If you are overly critical, this just won’t mesh well with his personality and your relationship will be full of battles.

Hidden Secret: The Virgo Man cares about their appearance

As it is very essential to look good for every occasion, a Virgo man is usually conscious of how he looks. Whether the event is casual or not, he wants to ensure that his clothes are neat and matching. You may instantly turn off a Virgo man if you are a type that does not care about your wardrobe, and he secretly wants you to notice and compliment his. Ensure that comments on his appearance are positive. When deciding the type of fragrance to use, a Virgo man will always go for something fresh, subtle, and clean.

Hidden Secret: He wants you to make the first move

A Virgo man is notoriously slow at showing his romantic intentions. He secretly wants you to make the first move. If he gives you an opportunity to make a romantic connection, he will organize an event that encourages you to act first. Remember, he’s a little sensitive so he fears rejection and loves when his partner takes control. Confidence is very attractive to him.

Hidden Secret: He has a fear of change

One thing about a Virgo man is that he sees change as a complete change so he may be quite resistant to any change. So if you push for a change to his schedule, routine, or plans, he may become overwhelmed. He needs a partner who is aware that this fear is natural and often happens subconsciously. This requires some patience and understanding.

These personality traits and hidden secrets are helpful if you are interested in a man whose birthday falls between August 22 and September 22. Although there can be some challenges to loving him, this zodiac sign is known for being kind, caring, loving, and sensitive. He will treat you right and will always be loyal.

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