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What’s The Deal With The Coca-Cola Hair Rinse?

You may have seen something bizarre on Pinterest—people dousing their heads in Coca-Cola. Blame Suki Waterhouse, the model and actress from “Insurgent.” The woman swears by it. Sounds sticky and irritating, right?

Apparently it’s supposed to give you soft, full-bodied and wavy hair, a miracle for those with thin, limp hair. The phosphoric acid in Coke has a low pH, so when you dump it on your hair, the acidic nature of the wash makes the cuticle close and shrink. That’s what leaves hair smooth and shiny. And as an added bonus, if you have a natural curl in your hair, it will be accentuated.

So if you’re the adventurous sort, below is your guide to the Coca-Cola hair rinse.

The Coca-Cola Hair Rinse

This is probably one of the easiest tutorials you’ll ever read. Ok, you ready for this? Hop in the shower and dump the Coke on your head. Really saturate your hair. You can massage the hair a little like you would a shampoo, if you wish. Rinse out well, and you’re done. Easy, right?

The idea is to replace the soda rinse with your shampoo and conditioner. You’ll need one can for short hair, two for long.

Online reviews of the method state that the Coke can make your hair feel hard at first, so it may take a few minutes to rinse your hair. Your hair may feel hard while drying, but once dried and brushed, it should be soft and have tons of volume. Waterhouse describes it as “tousled, like I’ve gone to the Amazon or something.” The rinse will give you a natural, bed-head sort of appearance.

While showering, it smells exactly like you’d expect it to smell, so if you’re really into Cola it might be oddly therapeutic. The smell goes away while rinsing, so you won’t smell like you fell into a vat at the soda factory.

Overall, the Coca-Cola rinse won’t do anything drastic, but if you want more volume and possibly some curl for a certain outing, maybe give this a shot. Just make sure to experiment on a day when you don’t have to meet new people.

Long-Term Effects

This method comes with a warning—do not do this every day or expect it to cleanse the hair or scalp. It will not get rid of dirt and buildup the way a shampoo would.

Also, repeatedly applying an acidic mixture to your hair will dry it out and mess with the scalp’s natural pH balance, which should being sitting around 5.5. Coke has a pH balance of around 2.5. As such, you wouldn’t want to put something that acidic on your head every day, though a once-every-so-often treatment shouldn’t hurt. Make sure to combine this with a pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner on the days when you’re not doing a Coke rinse.