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A lot of women can relate to the importance of having good looking eyebrows. Those who naturally have thick brows are blessed with not having to do much, but a lot of women have sparse eyebrows for different reasons. Are you one of these women?

You are on the lookout for the best products on the market that can help you achieve the perfect set of brows that you have always wanted. Who isn’t? Wunderbrow is one of the products that beauty fanatics are raving about. Checking out Wunderbrow reviews will help you decide if this product can up your brow game.

Some women have been raving about it mostly because it can last for days. Just a few of the things this product claims: Long lasting, transfer proof, budge-proof, water-proof, and it has hair fibers. The only downside it is a bit more expensive than your typical eyebrow product. Do you actually think that this product can help you out?

If you check out Wunderbrow reviews, here are some things that you will notice:

  • When applying the product on your eyebrows, make sure that you apply just enough. A lot of people make the mistake of applying too much and they end up having brows that are too thick and too dark for their natural hair color. Less is more.
  • Having the right applicator can make this last longer. The best applicator that you can use for this product is an angled brow brush. You can also spread the product better this way.
  • Choosing the right shade is crucial so that you can benefit from this product thoroughly. There are different shades for everyone. If you do not find the exact shade of your hair, do not worry! The shades are close enough that they will still be flattering on your brows.
  • According to the Wunderbrow reviews, the brows can last for days, but this will only happen if you don’t scrub it when you wash your face. It can be removed with a makeup remover, but if you would like to try leaving the product on your eyebrows overnight, it will probably last between 2-3 days. What a lot of people like is that it does not smudge.
  • People have used it at the gym and it still managed to work well. Even while sweating, it will stay put.

Check out this video from WUNDER’s Instagram to see the product in action.

Based on the Wunderbrow reviews people have left, it seems that most people are happy with the product, but are you going to be happy with it? You will know once you try the product.

In comparison, microblading is still obviously considered a more permanent option because you will end up with eyebrows that will allow you to just walk out of your home and not worry about anything. With Wunderbrow, you can have brows that will last for about 2 days or so, but it will not look as natural as tattooed eyebrows.

We recommend checking out more Wunderbrow reviews, especially by people who have the same hair color as you. This will help you decide if this product is worth the extra money or not.