lemon juice sweat stain

Remove Icky Sweat Stains 

Okay, ladies, this is a really easy hack, and it’s one we’re probably too embarrassed to admit we need. Sweat stains are definitely not attractive, but luckily you can remove them with almost no effort whatsoever. Oh, and this method is safe on colors as…

blow drying your hair

How to Avoid Using the Blow Dryer 

If you’ve been blow-drying your hair, then you’ve probably felt the burn on your scalp when you get too close to your head. You’ve also probably had an inkling that this can’t be good for your hair. You’re right—excessive heat damages hair. Blow-drying removes both surface…

platinum blonde hair
Hair, Style

Is Platinum Hair Right For You? 

You’ve seen it all over Pinterest—platinum hair is so in. It’s summertime, and tan skin and blonde locks are calling your name. But first, there are some important things to keep in mind before you give in to full-on platinum blonde. If you consider yourself hair-obsessed already, then you know…