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girl laying in flowers and grass

3 Tips to Serious Skincare

You may have read about serious skincare and wondered what sort of skincare products would need to be included in a serious skincare philosophy. Serious skincare doesn’t have to be difficult or tedious but it does need to be practiced faithfully and periodically revamped. Weather,…

modern bowl haircut chocolate brown hair

Quick Hairstyles that Look Great

Don’t we all love wearing stylish, sophisticated and complicated hairstyles? Though they demand a lot of time and effort, they automatically make us the center of attention hence making us feel good about ourselves. Fortunately, there is a way through which your hair can continue…

DIY Dry Shampoo for Greasy Hair

5 Fast Fixes for Greasy Hair

We all have those mornings where we don’t have time to wash and blow dry our hair, but the roots are looking a little shiny. We’ve also been told to refrain from washing our hair every day. It is actually healthier for your hair to…